Renegade 60kg Coffee Roaster For Sale

After a complete overhaul of their entire national infrastructure, Five Senses Coffee Australia is looking to sell their Renegade 60kg roaster – a piece of kit that has helped us become one of Australia’s leading specialty roasters.

Still in use today in our Western Australia roastery, the Renegade R60 has been pivotal to our West Coast operations in terms of both volume and quality. Comfortably able to roast at least 240kg of green per hour, it can easily handle the full 60kg batch size without compromising sensory performance.

As per modern industry demands, we use a data logger to sync with roasting software Cropster, ensuring comprehensive roast data analysis and profile development, as well as full inventory management and enhanced quality assurance.

Though third party control is not possible, the proprietary Renegade software delivers full electronic control of airflow, drum speed, and burner power, as well as pneumatic activation of the bean hopper, discharge door, and destoner. Its cast iron faceplate helps ensure optimal thermal performance, and its Dungs gas train and burner controls meet all Australian standards and approvals.

It will come with the full suite of equipment required to ensure operational readiness, including destoner and green bean loader.

Available to view in operation until expected decommission in early 2024, with a projected delivery timeframe in Q2 2024.

To ensure peace of mind, we can also offer full installation by the same tech who has installed all Five Senses roasters, and will be personally decommissioning the R60 – providing any buyer with all the technical expertise to ensure seamless transition into its new home.

We’d love to see ‘the Gade’ helping others achieve the same success as it has done for us.

Tech Specs:
  • Burner : Full Premix 500 Mj/hr
  • Australian Approved Dungs gas train and burner controls
  • Gas Type : Natural Gas or Propane (LPG)
  • Electric : 3 Phase 415V 25A
  • Pneumatic activation of Bean hopper, discharge door and destoner
  • Full electronic control of Roast Air, Drum speed and Burner power
  • Cast iron face plate

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