Victoria, your 2017 Aeropress champ is Yutaro Mitsuyoshi (left) of Addict Food & Coffee – beating out 35 other coffee-crazed competitors! In second place was home coffee fanatic Chris Jenkins (middle), and in third place was Hyunsuk Ko (right) of Dukes Coffee.

The Victorian World Aeropress Championship event was held on the middle floor of our Barista Academy, with Four Pillars Gin & Strangelove sodas and tonics keeping the spectators sated. But the action (and booze) didn’t stop there!

Ping Pong dominated the top floor (fuelled on by tasty tinnies of Kaiju beer!) with Jordan, our lanky Account Manager, taking out the top spot.

The ground floor was much more chill; Sliders on Tyres serving burgers and the lads from Old Wives Ales pouring brews. The only competition found in the garage-turned-lounge being the classic game Battle Tanks on PS3.

Why the World Aeropress Championship hype?

World Barista Competition: months of training, visits to origin and coffees worth big $$$ are increasingly the norm. Great for pushing the boundaries on the specialty coffee industry, but they have become hard to participate in.

World Aeropress Championship (WAC): same coffee and same brew device are used to extract a tasty cup of coffee – both baristas and home enthusiasts alike are able to compete with confidence. Plus, you can enjoy a cheeky beer mid event 😉

This is not to say the WAC doesn’t get incredibly geeky; custom water composition, calibrated grinders, tailored recipes and sieves for separating different grind sizes were all see across the event. Competitors look for any advantage over other ‘pressers in the quest for the best cup of coffee.

Yutaro wins a trip to Sydney where he will compete in the Australian World Aeropress Championship, plus a bundle of fantastic prizes from Baratza and Acaia.

© Photos provided with permission by Tom Terlaak. All rights reserved by photographer.

© WA Aeropress photos provided with permission by Chloe Tala. All rights reserved by photographer.

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