You may remember the arcade-like espresso machine we had at Melbourne International Coffee Expo in March – that was a cheeky sneak peek of the new Synesso S200! And, with the official launch last month at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, we’re now ready to dive into this lil beauty!

Under the Hood

Virtually everything under the hood, such as the thermal stability, independent brew tanks and cooltouch steamwand, is the same Synesso flagship that have made their machines the workhorse of the coffee industry.

In keeping with the ‘back to basics’ feel, the navigation of volumetrics has been distilled down to two options – click the paddle left for Volumetric 1, click the paddle right for Volumentric 2. You can then adjust the volumetrics on the P.I.D. controller.

The New Touches

Left-handers rejoice, the steam paddles (think pinball flippers) can be pushed around to either side for ambidextrous activation. Some sleek wood kit options are available and we’re excited to see what other mods people come up with!

The arcade aesthetic doesn’t stop at the steam flippers; to purge the grouphead, just hit the a classic pushbutton! These hardy little buttons are designed for arcade games and are rated to 10 million clicks, so no hard feelings if you get a little carried away pressing.

The barista-side of the machine has been super streamlined, so take note of the discretely placed digital shot timers and pressure gauges. These recessed dials allow for a lower profile machine, perfect for chatting to customers.

And now for the question we’re sure you’re all wondering: can we customise it?! Yes. All the panels, made of super light aluminium, can easily be removed and powder coated for a sleek look. The framework is perfect for extensive customisation, unscrew all the panels and re-imagine from scratch!

The Verdict

The S200 is built to the same durability, temperature stability and high performance standard we’ve come to expect from all other Synesso machines. Currently only available as a 2 group, the S200 will really shine in a smaller (5kg to 30kg) sized cafe, roastery QC labs or in an extremely coffee-centric lunchroom 😉

See the full product specs and get in touch here: Synesso S200

P.s. look for the classic red-rocker on/off switch to power up!

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