After extensive testing on our own families, here are our top picks for Coffee Christmas Gifts. #christmascheatsheet

For the filter coffee drinker…

Aeropress Brew Dice Gift Pack | $88.90

Here we’ve done the hard work for you and created the ultimate gift pack for filter coffee lovers. An Aeropress, bangin’ filter coffee, Keep Cup brew and genuine WAC Brew Dice – all wrapped up in a cute box!

Trust the Process: Colombian Collection #2 | $65.70

These three coffees from Leonid’s farm in Genova, Colombia are a delicious exploration of the natural process on two of the countries’ key varietals. This sweet bundle includes a 250g bag filter roast of each experiment, wrapped lovingly inside a special edition Trust the Process tote bag. Strictly limited, the collection is available for pre-order now. Roasting and dispatching on 17 December they’re a perfect Christmas gift idea or as a cheeky stocking filler for yourself.

Filter Coffee | $15-$17

All the coffees we roast for filter have been chosen for their character. Close your eyes, click anywhere on the page and you’re guaranteed to select a winner!

For the environmentally conscious coffee drinker

KeepCup Brew | $21.78

Available in plastic or glass, these stylish vessels have a low environmental footprint. Join the ranks of KeepCup users who are diverting more than 8 million disposable cups from landfill every year.

Australiana Tote Bag | $22

Ultra-sturdy for carrying all the veggies home from the farmer’s market, this tote is built for everyday use. Made of heavy cotton canvas with reinforced handles – this bag sport a coffee & Australiana mash-up on one side and branded Five Senses (with a touch of wattle) on the other.

For the ‘my partner makes my morning coffee’ coffee drinker…

Moccamaster Classic | $418

If making morning coffee means multiple cups, it might be time to set up the kitchen with a Moccamaster. Don’t be fooled by the 80’s American diner vibe, this little batch brewer will pump out 1.25L of delicious coffee at the flick of a switch – and keep it warm while the other half wakes up 😉

Barista Training Voucher | $165

Rather than trying to teach coffee prep (anyone else get traumatic flashbacks to driving lessons?) leave it to our professional trainers. Teach someone to fish…

For the ‘this is my daily treat’ coffee drinker…

Loveramics 150ml Cup & Saucer | $18.70 – $20.90

Enjoy café quality cups from the comfort of home. The beautifully textured porcelain holds in the heat, so curling up on the couch with one of these beauties is the perfect way to escape for a moment.

Dark Horse Blend | $15

Complex, intense and full bodied, this Dark Horse will delight most espresso drinkers. Delicate herbal aromas lead into dark chocolate flavours, which swiftly open towards juicy blackcurrant notes and an extended syrupy body.

For the “shh, don’t talk. Just gimme dat caffeine” coffee drinker…

Clever Coffee Dripper | $33

Possibly the simplest way to brew coffee at home. (This is literally what my parents use to make coffee). CCD + filter paper + coffee + water. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Drain into a cup. Perfect for clearing the morning fog.

Crompton Road blend | $15

Rich flavours, chocolatey and heavy bodied – this coffee is a nod towards more traditional flavour profiles. “Mmmm tastes like coffee!”

For the ‘beach is life’ coffee drinker…

Toddy Cold Brew System | $61.60

Enjoy perfect coffee, even in the middle of a stinking hot Aussie summer. The Toddy makes a big batch of the cold good stuff to take on your weekend road trip Dowth. #justperththings

iKegger | $217.80

You know what’s even cooler than a big bottle of cold brew? Serving it up from a nitro keg. Double walled for superior insulation, enjoy a cold, driver-friendly frothy any time of the day.

For the “TampingChannellingDistribution” coffee drinker…

Pullman Chisel | $184.80

The ultimate tool to improve espresso distribution by maximising the sideways movement of the coffee grounds, with minimal downward pressure. Want to get repeatable shots? This sure helps!

Acaia Lunar | $308.88

A sophisticated modern scale designed to time and weigh out your espresso extractions – and it’s built tough enough to survive in the drip tray ecosystem.

This article was originally published on 10 December 2018.

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