Christmas is coming up and, let’s be honest here, coffee lovers can be pretty picky people. If you don’t know the difference between a Tamper and a Toddy (don’t worry, we’ll get to both further down), chances are you might need a little help picking out the perfect present. Here is this year’s top picks for all things coffee – you’re welcome.

Acaia Lunar Scale


The sophisticated and modern scale the coffee lover in your life has been drooling over all year.

Acaia Lunar Scale – $319

KeepCup Brew


Perfect stocking filler – it’s both stylish and a big thumbs-up to the environment.

KeepCup Brew – from $21.78

Five Senses KeepCup – from $12.10

Pullman Tamper


Simply the best tampers on the planet. Do we need to sell it further? Australian made, ergonomic rubber compression zone and height adjustment spacers included for different sized hands.

Pullman Tamper – from $159.50

Wayfarer Travel Kit

Yes, you can have freshly ground, delicious coffee at home AND on the go. We’ve put together this nifty little pack. For less than $140, you can be sipping on a freshly ground, freshly brewed cup of coffee!

Wayfairer Travel Kit – from $134.73

Kalita Wave Ceramic


Our pick of the pour-over brew devices. Easy to use, consistent, repeatable and aesthetically pleasing. We even include a brew guide to get things started. To make someone’s day, pair with a Kalita Decanter, some filter papers and a bangin’ filter coffee (hint: check out the Vista al Bosque from Guatemala).

Kalita Wave Ceramic – $39.60

Toddy Cold Brew System


For coffee lovers, nothing refreshes you in the hot Australian climate like cold brew coffee. The Toddy makes bulk (shareable 😉) batches easy! We even include a handy brew guide!

Toddy Cold Brew System – $55

The Annual: 2016 Edition

Books are not dead! Boasting every poster, comp result AND winning recipe from the 2016 World Aeropress Championships, this book is the Holy Grail of Aeropress.

The Annual: 2016 Edition – $45

Barista Training Gift Voucher


Delicious coffee doesn’t happen by accident! Our Barista Courses have something for all coffee fanatics – ranging from the basics of espresso to all things manual brewing to advanced latte art!

Barista Training Voucher – $165

Baratza Sette

These beautifully designed conical burr grinders boast exceptional grind quality and functionality. Just as important (if not more) than the espresso machine, coffee grinders can make or break your espresso set-up.

Baratza Sette 30 – $385
Baratza Sette 270 – $473
Baratza Sette 270w – $616

Coffee, of course!

image-banner-coffeeWant to surprise a coffee nut but don’t know where to start? Here’s a crash course in what to get! Just note fresh is best, so order this coffee later rather than sooner.

Drinks coffee with milk: Blends make friends. If you like intensity and a punchy flavour, took at our Crompton Road blend. Our Hi Fidelity blend has a little more balance and sweetness in milk, and it also makes a delicious black beverage!

Drinks coffee black, has espresso machine: Something with a little character! Our Tightrope blend is a great option for lovers of fruit and juiciness! For something a less fruit driven and more deep and complex, try out our Dark Horse blend.

Drinks coffee black, brews up with a filter device of some kind: Two words: FILTER ROAST. Impress them with your coffee savviness. There are some coffees that just leave a mark; Vista al Bosque is one of those coffees! Hailing from the remote eastern Guatemalan region of Huehuetenango, this coffee showcases the beauty of what this area can produce. With soft chocolate notes on the body, balanced by peach and citrus, this Vista al Bosque is a delight to drink. Want to truly spoil them? Grab something from our Limited Release range. All are cracking coffees, but we’ve got a soft spot for Mwendi Wega from Kenya right now – who doesn’t want ripe black current & passion fruit in their coffee?!

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