The inaugural Sumatran road-trip to our Tiga Raja mill has come to a close! This was a great opportunity for a variety of Five Senses staff (from accountant to technician!), along with baristas and cafe owners from our coffee family around Australia to get a hands-on experience of the origin supply chain.

Highlight summary from out QC & Sumatran guru Rich:

Meeting with Lisa and Leo at the Tiga Raja mill, visiting the Lima Putri farm, scooter rides around Samosir Island and a little unexpected visit to a very remote Samosir Island coffee farm.

Take a look at this Instagram summary for an overview of the trip – from some unique perspectives!

Well my wifi dongle doesn’t work but a farmer leant me one of his, what a bloke. 💯 LT and I spent almost 24hrs in transit time yesterday to get to our hotel, including a gruelling 5hr van ride up a mountain. 😫 Today we visited the mill and are now off to a farm to pick cherries. 🍒 Will post more pics tonight in the sanctuary of our humble hotel room. || @cream_jrb || #creamgoestomedan #medan #sumatra #coffee #barista #fivesensescoffee

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Tea farms, Sidamanik #coffee #tea #sumo16 #sidamanik #origin #fivesensescoffee #fivesenses #5senses #origintrip

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Stunning views on our way back from Sidamanik. #nojustice #landscapelovers #canon #60d #laketoba #coffee #layers

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Today is our first day up in the mountains around Lake Toba, Sumatra. Visited the Tiga Raja mill first the morning. Them off to Lima Putri farm to get hands on and pick some cherries of a particular variety to take back to the mill for their nursery. Tiga Raja is the only functioning mill in the mountains and was funded by 5 Senses. This means that the coffee doesn’t have to travel down to Medan for processing the intense heat, thereby improving quality and lowering the risk of microbial issues. Lima Putri is the farm of a local family who have a more direct relationship with the mill and from which microlots are being separated. The farmer able to send his 5 daughters to school as a result of the increase in consistent income as a direct result of his better quality crop and the relationship with the mill.

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So gracious #local #wanderlust #origintrip #sumo16 #5sensescoffee

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Giant zen garden? #sumo16

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This is Leo, the owner and brains behind the Tiga Raja Collective, and we are on one of the farms that supply to the mill. 🌿 Leo, in conjunction with @5sensescoffee , have had an huge impact on the community by truly creating direct trade. We have met farmers that are now sending their children to school due to their new financial position, prior to this the children would have worked the farm and had limited options upon entering adulthood. ✔️ Loan sharks in Sumatra are a big problem, and again the Tiga Raja Collective have helped hundreds of farmers exit the continual spiral of debt they were once in. 😊 THIS is what lines the ‘specialty’ coffee market, so the next time you choose specialty over commercial, you are having a greater impact than you know. 💰 Wanna know more about specialty vs commercial and how to find the good stuff? Just DM me. || Follow @northshoreleo for his truly inspirational journey. || #choosespecialty #specialtycoffee #coffee #barista #creamgoestomedan #sumatra #medan #fivesensescoffee

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Coffee cherries ❤️ #sumo16 @5sensescoffee #origintrip #tigraja #5sensescoffee

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#sumo16 wasn’t all about coffee, there were tourist moments too! …………………………….#roadtripping #scootergram #wanderlust #islandlife #samosir #sumatra #fivesensescoffee #origin

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