Driving down Railway Terrace, you are immediately impressed by the booming development in this Brisbane neighbourhood. New condos, new businesses and a new train station are just a few of the buildings which have appeared over the past few years. Yet tucked away amongst all the sterile newness is an old garage with an overgrown, creeping fig vine.

The garage is bursting with original character which oozes from it like juice from ripe figs. Bunker is true to its name. It started off as a fun way to participate in the community. Marcus (owner of Bunker and John Mills Himself) first sold drinking chocolate from a cart at the Kelvin Farmers Market over six years ago. Coffee was at back of their minds in the early days – until the summer season came around and hot drinking chocolate was harder to sell on sticky QLD summer days. Luckily, coffee was the logical next step and, like every endeavour Marcus chooses to undertake, the word ‘quality’ took over obsessively.

A year and a half later and after lots of persuasion, the local council acquiesced and Bunker was born out of an old concrete garage.

Now fast forward to Railway Terrace. Benches and chairs are scattered out the front with an umbrella to help keep the QLD sun at bay; Bunker is a cosy espresso bar. Packed with guests from the surrounding community, Marcus and his team seem to know everyone who sets foot in the garage. Serving beautiful coffee on a 2 group La Marzocco GB5 and being the first in QLD to use a Puqpress are all signs of their commitment to quality; one Robur E is filled with rotating single origins from various coffee roasters and their second Robur E is always packed full of delicious Dark Horse (yum). Coffee and community are clearly on everyone’s minds as they enter the garage which creates a fun environment to casually engage, talk coffee and check out their retail shelf full of brewing equipment, coffee and shaved drinking chocolate. Oh yes, chocolate is still a big part of Bunker! In fact, Bunker has designed and packaged their own brand of chocolate under the name Heirloom which is starting to pop up in cafes nationwide. Their chocolate is good!

If you are around the Brisbane area or traveling up to Brisvegas to get away from the changing season, Bunker is a perfect place to grab a coffee or warm the heart with a hot chocolate. Don’t forget to say hi to the Bunker crew, they all seem to be specialty coffee and craft beer enthusiasts… The coolest kind of people #craftwithcare

Bunker Coffee
21 Railway Terrace, Milton QLD 4064

Website: bunkercoffee.com.au
acebook: facebook.com/bunker.coffee
nstagram: @bunkercoffee

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