Our monthly Curated Cupping Series is our opportunity to share our most unique micro-lot coffees to the Australian specialty coffee community. The April Curated Cupping event is one of our most anticipated public cuppings to date as we showcase the first natural processed coffee through our Tiga Raja mill in Simalungun, Sumatra.

Getting quality, control and consistency out of Sumatra has been very difficult for anyone. Indonesia is a virtual coffee ‘melting pot’ of ideal coffee-growing terroir which has been historically buckled for a multitude of reasons.

The supply and processing of coffee from this country has been shaped to suit large exporters and buyers since settlement during the 18th century. Their economic model has been formed around small household market farmers, challenging environment conditions and a vicious internal market which sweeps all before it in order to fill export contracts to various ‘big players’ in the industry. In some ways this system is essential and necessary, but in others it combats and counters the ability to achieve the quality, control and consistency which can be found more easily in other coffee growing regions. Sourcing, grading, roasting and tasting coffee from Sumatra has always been a unique experience, albeit an experience that has always felt out of control and as inconsistent as the Sumatran seasons themselves.

With our new Tiga Raja (Three Kings) mill in Simalungun, Sumatra we are aiming to refine and redefine the Sumatran supply chain.

The whole operation hinges on a three way partnership; us as the roaster, Lisa and Leo as our mill operators and CUM Talenta as our parchment supply network. We now have unprecedented control over our processing and supply which means we have considerable influence over the subsequent quality of the product, the likes of which (we feel) have never been seen and experienced before in Sumatra.

Our aim is to simplify the supply chain and eliminate many of the steps which currently counteract traceability and farmer sustainability, thus ushering in a new era for Sumatran coffee and offering new flavour profiles to the customer.

Come and experience the fantastic results for yourself, and be the first to taste our latest natural offering the Lima Putri from the Tiga Raja Mill in Sumatra.

5:30pm, Thursday 30 April 2015

Australian Barista Academy (WA)
135 Lake St, Northbridge

Australian Barista Academy (Vic)
300 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne

Australian Barista Academy (NSW)
2a Cannon St, Stanmore

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